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S I T E     R E V I E W


KAIROS - A Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments

Articles, news, reviews and discussions related to the teaching of writing for the Web.

The use multiple frames on the issue pages makes some of the information more difficult to read.

For those familiar with the frame format, getting around is fairly easy. The information on the home page is very straightforward.

Taking a hypertext class and confused? Teaching a hypertext class and running into challenges? KAIROS is probably for you. As the site says the name of the journal "Kairos" was chosen because it "is a word with layers of meaning; most usually, it is defined in terms of its Classical Greek courtroom nuances: winning an argument requires a deft combination of creating and recognizing the right time and right place for making the argument in the first place" (and in) "hypertextual environments, writers are not only learning to strike forcefully in the traditional sense of presenting the correct words in the proper manner, but are also learning to weave a writing space that is more personal than the standard sheet of paper. We are writing differently; we are reading differently; we are learning differently; we are teaching differently." With such a new medium, it's not surprising that lots of ideas are springing up on how to deal with it. Teachers and students alike confront new obstacles and conflicts everyday when working with the Web but fortunately his website (and the journal) were created to act as a peer-reviewed resource for teachers, researchers and tutors of writing at the college and university level. While some of the information is strictly limited to educators anyone familiar with hypertext could learn a thing or two from here.