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The home page of the American Mathematical Society.

Very pleasing color scheme on home page and animated graphics with mostly columns of links and text on subsequent pages.

The links are well marked and logically categorized.

If you're looking for math on the Web you've found it. The American Mathematical Society was "created to further mathematical research and scholarship" (and) "continues to fulfill its mission with programs that promote mathematical research, increase the awareness of its value to society, and foster excellence in mathematics education." The website allows access to its electronic publishing services, including MathSciNet -- a searchable database based on the data in Mathematical Reviews and Current Mathematical Publications. All three publications are produced by AMS. MathSciNet provides coverage of Mathematical Reviews from 1940 to the present. Current Mathematical Publications is a subject index of bibliographic data for recent and forthcoming publications. Most items are later reviewed in Mathematical Reviews. The database is currently only available with subscription but the website also has information for individuals without an active Data Access Fee. Additional information on the site includes "Guides to Mathematical Literature", "Mathematical Literature on the Web", "Sources for the Literature not on the Web", "Mathematics by Points of View", "Mathematics People", "Reference Literature" and "Mathematics Servers". If you can't find some information on your math topic here or from one of its links, its probably not on the Web yet.