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November 1, 1999
Updated JUNE, 2007

Galeria Del Uffizi

Construction of the Galeria Del Uffizi was begun in Florence, Italy, in 1560 by the famed Duke Cosimo I dei Medici. Members of the Medici family were great lovers of art and spent centuries gathering this amazing collection. Come explore the history and art treasures of the Galeria Del Uffizi.

A visual treat, the site is filled with both thumbnail and full-page versions of many of the art pieces and provides Quicktime VR tours of the buildings.

Available in English and Italian, the site is best navigated from the main page, so be sure to bookmark it! The large images and Quicktime VR tours can be slow loading for modem users but are well worth the wait. Be aware that this site is prone to occasional down times.

Magnifico! Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to tour one of the world's most famous galleries filled with works of some of the greatest artists of the past millenium. The collection can be browsed by room, artist, or time period. Each image is presented in thumbnail with a description of the work and artist. To view the details, click on the image to download the full-page version. Don't miss the History and Buildings sections for some interesting insight into the fascinating past of the Palace del Uffizi and Florentine history.