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November, 1998

Look Who's Footing The Bill

Look Who's Footing The Bill is an introduction to the national debt. It guides students through the process of developing a group project on the problems the U.S. economy must face in relationship to the national debt, and its long term effects on society.

The dark blue text over a red, white and blue background makes it difficult to read. No graphics.

The site is one long page with no navigational bars.

Look Who's Footing the Bill is a part of Pacific Bell's Knowledge Network. The site introduces students to the issues surrounding the national debt and to the potential repercussions of it. The students are then guided through a group project step by step. In groups of 3 to 6 students apportion the national budget, learn about the nation debt's size and rate of growth, brainstorm how to balance the budget, and write letters to members of Congress expressing how they feel about the situation. The site includes links to several interactive sites about the national budget. Some of the links are outdated.