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S I T E     R E V I E W
Updated JUNE, 2007

The Why Files

This Web site is updated weekly with scientific information that provides background on current news stories. The site has a feature article with in-depth information and an in-brief section with quick science news.

The site uses a lot of space that gives it a clean look and makes it very easy to read. The site uses graphics and colors to give the site a mock newspaper appearance.

The home page uses a graphics menu to link to all the sections of the site. The subsequent sections require users to use the back buttons on their browsers to return to the main page.

This site uses the headlines to teach science. The site makes science fun by using topics that are in the news and of interest to students. The features use one topic and break down different aspects of the subject to explain some of the science behind it. Past articles are archived and listed at the site. Recent topics included cloning, nicotine addiction and plane crashes, which were used to explain DNA, brain chemistry and rudders respectively. General categories include: biology, environmental science, health, physical science, social science, sports and technology. Because of the tie-ins to headline news, this site would make an excellent curriculum supplement to current events lessons for elementary students or nice stand-alone lessons in science for older students. The site also provides a forum where educators can communicate ideas for using The Why Files in the classroom.