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S I T E     R E V I E W
October, 1998

Homework Help.com

A homework help and study guide site for middle and high school students. The site has tutorials for more than 1,500 subject topics.

The site uses frames, with a menu on the left side and the lessons and tutorials in the frame. The site explains which plug-ins are required and provides links to download them.

The site includes a search engine for users to locate information on a specific topic. All links are indexed.

Professional educators created Homeworkhelp.com to give students (and parents) access to reliable, accurate, and kid-safe homework resources. The tutorials and lessons here break down difficult subjects into manageable pieces. All the subject areas are configured the same way so students can concentrate on learning the material instead of the process. The site uses new technologies and does require some plug-ins and later-version browsers, which are explained and available from the site. The site does not offer answers but rather insights, problem-solving techniques, and reminders of basics. The site does charge a monthly fee for membership and offers special pricing for classroom and school memberships. Users can get a free trial membership with access to the entire site for evaluation. Parents and students looking for extra help with school will appreciate all the site has to offer.