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S I T E     R E V I E W
September 15, 1999

Access America for Students
GRADE LEVEL: 11 to 12, Parents, Professionals

Access America for Students is a U.S. Government initiative to support students by providing easy electronic access to federal agencies and organizations. The site includes resources to help plan for college, find a career, and more.

The site is well laid out and has a few simple graphics.

Using the home page is the best way to navigate. A warning message pops up when the user chooses a link that will take him or her out of Access America. This can happen regularly, so be sure to bookmark the site for easy return.

Access America was set up to provide support services to post-secondary students in the United States. The site provides information on financial aid opportunities, careers in the federal government, internships and fellowships, taxes, and other federal services. Several comprehensive support-service resources, still in development, have pilot programs at university campuses around the country. These programs include SAM (Student Account Manager), which offers help managing financial aid and student loans; WAVE (Web Automated Verification of Enrollment), which helps students eligible for VA benefits; and USACareers, which provides tools for self-assessment, career planning, and job searching. USACareers is also available by subscription. High-school counselors and all college-minded students should check out this site!