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S I T E     R E V I E W
September 1, 1999

Web Monkey

Webmonkey is a Web site design tutorial for kids that will help them learn how to create a Web page on the Internet! Also included are tips for teachers and parents and a Playground section.

Lots of fun, colorful graphics make the site appealing.

The site is divided into four major sections. Each area has its own index page. The Playground pages can be very slow loading.

Webmonkey is a great way to introduce kids to Web page design. The site is set up to be gone through step by step, beginning with a section titled Lessons, which includes an introduction to the Internet plus the basics of HTML, animation, and graphics. The next section has a series of projects designed to give the user a feeling for Web design in a fun, creative manner. Just in case the HTML gets to be too much, the authors included a Playground section with some cool animations to watch! The Tools section at the end provides advice in choosing html editors and other software. Teachers and parents will appreciate the Planning Guide with helpful tips about how to guide kids in using the site.