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September 1, 1999

The Food Timeline

The Food Timeline is a history of the Western world through its food. The timeline begins in prehistory with the introduction of bread into human culture and ends with the NASA space program's history of food in space. Teachers will like the curriculum resources section.

The site is laid out as long lists of links with few graphics. It's easy to find your way around this small site. Most of the links are to outside resources, so be sure to bookmark the page to find your way back.

The Food Timeline is a great resource for all history and social studies teachers looking for a new angle on their subjects. Here, you'll find links to sites that feature such things as a comprehensive biography of Christopher Columbus, which includes the gastronomical delights of his day, and the history of the hot dog and which German city may or may not be able to claim its creation. This is a great site to bookmark and just browse through periodically to find some fun tidbits to add a little "flavor" to your classes. Teachers will also appreciate the page of links to curriculum resources and lesson plans.