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Virtual Zoo

This Web site has information and photos of over twenty animals -- mammals, birds, marine life, reptiles and amphibians. The site also includes information on endangered species and baby animals.

The site relies on thumbnail images to present its collection of animals. The background is dark with white text which makes it somewhat difficult to read for long periods of time.

All of the classifications of animals at the site are shown on the main page with photos and clickable text. Each category has additional information with links to specific animals. Users can reach the home page or another section from each area via the text menu at the top of each page.

This site goes farther than a lot of zoos go at providing detailed information on animals, species and habitats. One section of the site covers land-based mammals such as big cats, wild dogs, bears, and primates. A bird section currently features the flamingo, the peacock, the eagle and the parrot. Marine life covers pinnepids (seals and sea lions), invertebrates (crabs, lobsters & starfish), penguins and marine molluscks. The last section, reptiles and amphibians, provides information on frogs, snakes, turtles, crocodiles and alligators. Each animal's description page has its scientific classification (order and family), an extensive description of the animal, information on its habitat, and links to outside resources. The Kids Zoo area includes information on endangered species, a section on baby animals, and a coloring book. This site is best used by biology or science teachers for elementary students as most of the information is not complex. This would be a good resource for teachers working on lesson plans for particular animal classifications or students needing information for assignments or reports.