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David Levin's [email protected]
GRADE LEVEL: K-12, Parents & Professionals

This is a Web site that was set up by a Library Media Center Director at Rich Central High School in Olympia Fields, Illinois, to help high school teachers and administrators make good use of the Internet and technology in the classroom.

The layout of the site is done with an image map on the main page that lists all the categories of links with each having a graphical button that depicts the topic.

Each category is available from the home page and each additional page has lists of links with a link back to the home page. The site also uses images of chili peppers and icicles to designate sites as hot or cool.

Although [email protected] is intended mainly for high school teachers and administrators (because of the grade level set for most of the links provided here), most educators who want to increase their use of the Internet in their curriculum (or even those just beginning) could find something at this site to help them. Students will also be able to use the site for a variety of applications. The home page divides the sections of the Web site into subject departments, including Art, Business and Computing to Physical Education, Science and Social Studies. In addition to the subject divisions the site also uses graphical markers -- a chili pepper for something deemed "Hot" (containing a lot of information) and ice for something "Cool". These markers are used to highlight some of the resources in each section that the author finds particularly useful. As if that weren't enough information, the site also includes "Best of the Best", children's interests, extracurricular, field trips, multicultural resources, professional development and teacher's lounge sections. Students will probably use the site for homework assignments and research and educators in all disciplines can find resources for incorporating the Internet into the classroom.