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S I T E     R E V I E W
August 1, 1999


The FreeENGLISH site provides free instruction in ESL through a free, downloadable, interactive Internet-based program called English Pro Web Edition. The Web site also features interactive quizzes and games.

The site has a sleek, businesslike design. The downloadable program features a good set of instructional graphics. The site's games have lots of bright colors and animated characters.

The EnglishPro program requires Microsoft Internet Explorer and a Macromedia Flash plug in. This is a PC-only program, but a MAC version is due out soon.

Here is a great program to let students use independently. The FreeENGLISH program helps develop skills in spelling, pronunciation, sentence structure, reading comprehension, and vocabulary development. Users must download the main learning tool, English Pro Web Edition. The original program is small, but it continues to download new lessons as the user is ready for them, taking up a total of 2.8 MB when the program is completed. Students can download the lessons and then use them off-line later. The program is touted as being five times faster than other ESL curriculums. The Web site features a set of interactive games and quizzes that test English skills. Young students and those whose knowledge of English is limited may need some help with the instructions. Material is added to on a regular basis, so keep checking back to see what's new.