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AUGUST, 1997

Academy of Achievement

The Academy of Achievement Web site focuses on individuals whose accomplishments have shaped the twentieth century, provides details for participating in the Academy's program that brings presentations directly to classrooms, and more.

The Web site is set up to resemble a virtual museum and does so convincingly. The main page (which represents the lobby) is shown as a large hallway and the graphics on the other sections are just as appropriate.

Each section is shown as a separate entrance in the main lobby and each area has a link back to the lobby. The areas are categorized well and well marked.

This is an inspiring site. The centerpiece of the site is the "Gallery of Achievement" which showcases the lives and achievements of legendary persons who have contributed to the development of the 21st century and who fascinate the public. The purpose to the exhibit is to show that these achievers were ordinary people that did extraordinary things, thereby inspiring others to greatness. The gallery features audio and video clips as well as written interviews with the subjects, biographies of their lives and profiles of their accomplishments. The achievers are categorized into several areas including the arts, public service, sports, business, and science and exploration. Each member also explains how they applied certain principles (called here "The Steps to Success") in their lives to achieve what they did. Those principles are passion, vision, preparation, courage, perseverance and integrity. Another area of the Web site is "Achieve*Net" which brings these achievers directly into classrooms via a live interactive teleconference that is simulcast nationwide. The library area has information on inspiring books, a bulletin board, a virtual book club (which provides live chats with authors) and a link to the Library of Congress. Users can also sign up to be subscribers if they wish, giving them access to the Achiever's Club, which enables them to have online chats with Academy of Achievement inductees and other club members. This is a great site for anyone looking for a little good news and inspiration in their daily life. It is an excellent resource for teachers to use to inspire their students.