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July, 1999

Canadian Museum of Civilization

The Canadian Museum of Civilization is a huge site with a comprehensive and diverse virtual museum. Many images from the museum's collections are reproduced here -- so many, you might never see them all. A cheerful variety of backgrounds and layout styles grace this impressive site.The site also includes teaching tips and lesson plans for grades 4 through 8 and is offered in both English and French.

Click Virtual Museum and take the "elevator" to different levels, or check out the Site Index for a more comprehensive overview. The CyberMentor section is accessible from the main page. The individual exhibits vary in their organizational style.

Allow yourself plenty of time when exploring this virtual museum because there's lots to see! Based around Canadian culture and its roots, the site explores the many peoples that make Canada unique. On the first level of the museum, check out the First Peoples Hall and the Archaeology Hall. The First Peoples Hall contains more than 100 pages in 15 exhibits and could be an excellent resource for a class research project lasting several weeks. Keep going -- there's plenty more! The other levels of the museum explore ancient and foreign cultures, folk arts, the Canadian postal system, industry, war, commerce, and the importance of hats. "Hats?" you ask. Yes, there's an exhibit on hats! It's a part of the CyberMentor project and includes lesson plans, teaching tips, and other fun ways to use this exhibit in the classroom. The CyberMentor project also has ideas for using the excellent Puppets exhibit. Don't miss this outstanding site!