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S I T E     R E V I E W
July, 1998

GRADE LEVEL: Professionals

Educast is a free, information-providing service for educators. The Web site provides background information on the service, along with instructions for acquiring and installing the program.

The site is uniform in layout and style. Most information is presented in outline or bulleted-list format. The text is easy to read.

Users can follow the guided tour of the site or browse for information using the navigation menus on the sidebar or at the bottom of the page. The site has a Key Features section for quick information and a FAQ list for additional details.

Educast is one of the new Internet "push" services. Once installed information is sent to the user's computer for viewing whenever the user wants to view it. Educast searches the Internet for educational resources and consolidates the information. Viewers can customize the content and delivery schedule. The data is presented as an interactive screen saver and at no cost to users. Educators currently can receive curriculum activities, education news, and professional development information from sources such as USA TODAY, Education Week, and the U. S. Department Education. This could be a great time-saver for busy educators.