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S I T E     R E V I E W
JULY, 1997

Star Child Project

Star Child has been developed primarily by teachers from Lakeside Middle School in Evans, Georgia to provide information on space, astronauts, the solar system and the universe for students and teachers.

The site uses large, colorful graphics, dividers and a star-studded background to enhance the "solar" feel of the site.

The links for each of the sections are available from a table or the large image map at the top of the home page. Each of the subsequent pages has a link back to the main page.

This site says it's a site for young astronomers and it certainly is! Each of the sections is broken out into a Level 1 for younger students and a Level 2 for older ones. This site covers topics such as the Sun, planets, the Moon, the asteroid belt, comets, and meteoroids in its discussion of the Solar System. It also has information on galaxies, the Milky Way, stars, quasars and black holes in the Universe section and astronauts, space attire, travelling in space and space probes in the Space area. Each section includes activities that students could do on their own or as part of a lesson plan. The website focuses specifically on space and would make a good resource for science teachers developing a unit on space studies but would also help students researching information on the universe for reports or upcoming tests.