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Updated February, 2004

Yo, It's Time for Braces
Grade Level: 3-7

Wearing orthodontic braces is a common experience for young people. Even so, a sort of mystery enshrouds it. Kids often don't know what to expect when faced with the prospect of getting braces. Here's a site that can teach young people everything they need to know about braces, presented in a fun optimistic format.

Lots of great cat animations and dental images adorn this site, along with a variety of backgrounds, colors, and layouts.

The best way to navigate the site is from the site map. Most pages offer links back to either the site map or main page.

Kids rule! Yes, here is yet another 1999 ThinkQuest Junior platinum award winner! Yo, It's Time for Braces is a great introduction to orthodontics. It teaches kids the facts about braces and also takes a look at social factors associated with wearing braces. The site should go a long way toward promoting a greater understanding of what wearing braces is like. A journal by of one the Web site's developers goes over the steps in the process of getting braces put on. Click on the Glossary for further information about wearing braces, some "scientific" descriptions, and images of the process of getting braces put on. This is a site to explore, with plenty of information tucked away in the nooks and crannies of the site. Great job, kids!