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S I T E     R E V I E W
June, 1999

Peace Corps Kids World

Join Traveler, the Peace Corps Kids World guide dog and explore the world from the perspective of Peace Corps Volunteers. Traveler takes explorers to all the countries in the world that the Peace Corps work in. Once there, visitors can learn about the geography, foods, schools, and special Peace Corps projects in that country.

This appealing site features bright, colorful graphics and large easy-to-read fonts.

Navigational bars on the left help guide visitors around the site. The Pack Your Bags game requires the Shockwave plug-in.

The Peace Corps Kids World site is an excellent resource for world geography lessons and research projects. The site offers a unique perspective on social conditions in developing countries around the world and provides information not available on other sites. Peace Corps Kids World also does a good job of encouraging children to get involved in community service projects on the Make a Difference Page. Play the Pack Your Bags game to find out what Peace Corps volunteers need to take with them when they go to different countries. This is a great site to help kids see our world from a global perspective.