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S I T E     R E V I E W
June, 1998
Updated JUNE, 2007

You Be the Historian

An online activity where users draw conclusions about a group of people based on clues and information provided.

The site provides small versions of its images to decrease downloading time. Users can click on each item for a closer look. Most of the site uses a solid-colored background with text and photos.

This section is part of the National Museum of American History Web site. There are no navigation menus in the section. Users can get lost easily in the site. If the user follows the clues and moves forward the lesson works smoothly. Once you leave the section it can be difficult to return. Users should rely on their browsers' back buttons for navigation.

Part of the National Museum of American History Web site, this section lets users "be the historian." Viewers are given a series of clues, documents, and objects from a particular family. Viewers use the information and examine the evidence "left behind" by the family to figure out how many people were in the family, what the family ate, and how they made a living. Educators can use the site for class discussions about the historical process and for an activity to encourage students to personalize history by examining their own lives and objects. The site includes a section for teachers, which provides suggestions for using the site to its full potential. This is an interesting find for history teachers and other educators to use as a supplement to a history lesson.