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S I T E     R E V I E W
June, 1998

Museum Mania™ World Wide Treasure Hunt

Although part of a commercial site for Museum Mania™ Treasure Hunt, this page offers a free, online example of the site's educational activities.

The site has large text, wide spacing, and an easy-to-read layout. Users will find graphics throughout the site.

The online activity works by following the provided hyperlinks to locate answers to multiple-choice questions. Each site will have a different layout and users will need to backtrack with their browsers to return to the hunt. A link on the activity page will take users to the home page, which provides more information about the product.

The Web site is home to the Museum Mania™ Treasure Hunt from the Museum Educational Foundation. The Treasure Hunts are copyrighted guidebooks, which allow readers to turn a visit to a museum, library, or historical landmark into a question and answer Treasure Hunt. The games are curriculum-based and take users through an entire location by answering questions and finding obscure objects. The URL given in this review is for the free, online version of the Treasure Hunts. Users can answer questions by visiting the Web sites linked from the questions. Educators can use this site for an online, cross-curriculum lesson, which combines multiple tasks with experience in Internet usage. Users interested in purchasing other Treasure Hunts can find additional information here. This site's creative approach will motivate student interest and classroom discussions.