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June, 1998
Updated JUNE, 2007

Learning Strategies Database
GRADE LEVEL: Professionals

This is a computerized version of learning strategies data compiled by personnel at Muskingum College (Ohio) over a ten-year period. This site has a ton of information.

The main page uses an image map at the top with colored areas representing various sections of the database. The rest of the site is text-based. Some pages include diagrams and bulleted lists.

Most sections of the site provide a link back to the main page. Navigation within the database can be accomplished using the hyperlinks, which allow users to go anywhere in the site, in any order. Viewers can also enter URL addresses to reach a specific Web page, or follow the Go menu, which lets users return to already-viewed areas. The site provides detailed information on navigation.

The Learning Strategies Database Web site comes from The Center for Advancement of Learning (CAL) at Muskingum College (Ohio) and its PLUS Program, which provides learning-disabled students with learning strategies instruction. The information comes from a number of books, journals, and presentations, gathered over a ten-year period. The database was developed for students, educators, and counselors. While a lot of the information was developed for post-secondary educators, elementary and secondary educators could use many of the strategies. Students can use the database to determine their own learning style. Educators can use the database to plan classroom activities. The database is organized as a "series of Web pages arranged into four main stacks. The major topics under each main stack are often subdivided further." The site is loaded with information on this complex topic. The database allows users to move easily through the information.