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S I T E     R E V I E W
JUNE, 1997


The Incredible Art Department

News, lessons, cartoons, jobs and resources for art students, teachers and lovers. The site also includes links to other art pages and professional organizations.

You would expect a page dedicated to art to use graphics and images and this one does. The home page has a center image of the Mona Lisa with colored bubbles for each section.

Each of the sections is clearly marked and the user is given an option of a text only page both of which are easy to navigate. Each section's page has a link back to the main page.

This is certainly for art fans everywhere. Because Art could suggest a wide range of images, for this website it refers mainly to painting and drawing. This site is constantly updated and includes a quarterly link to a new "Art Room" which is a school art department or class and a weekly "Art Site of the Week" which cover a variety of art-related websites. The Jobs section has listings for many different types of artists and the Pet Peeves section is an inspirational theme-based page with an essay and list of related links. This site seems to cover just about all aspects of art and is especially good for teachers. The Art Lessons area has a multitude of ideas and the Art Stuff section has links to Art Departments for all grade levels. A very concise resource for art.