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May, 1999

The National Clearinghouse for U.S.-Japan Studies

The National Clearinghouse for U.S.-Japan Studies specializes in providing educational information about Japan for K-12 students, teachers, specialists, and curriculum developers. You'll find lesson plans, resource guides, plays, and more.

The site is fairly plain, with graphics accompanying some texts. The Artifacts section has a number of good images of Japanese art.

The site is well organized and is best navigated from the main page and the individual section pages. The pagoda icon at the bottom of most pages takes you back to the main page. Your browser's back button may be helpful on this site.

The National Clearinghouse - Japan Studies, an adjunct of the ERIC Clearinghouse, is an excellent resource for any teacher interested in teaching about Japan. The site offers a searchable database of lesson plans plus an extensive "Teaching Resources" section that is rich with examples of the art and culture of Japan. You can also find information on locating a sister school/classroom in Japan with whom to correspond. Be sure to explore The Kamishibai Play link on the main page for information on this colorful storytelling technique. Click on Publications for a list of well-written guides, or explore Internet Resources to find out what's available on other sites. If you want to find materials on a specific theme, search the entire site with your keywords. Social Studies teachers will love this important resource on Japan studies.