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May, 1998
Updated JUNE, 2007

Vincent van Gogh Information Gallery

The site has information on all of van Gogh's paintings. It includes some sketches and letters.

Images of van Gogh's paintings are scattered throughout the site. Some images, particularly in the "Paintings" section, are quite large. Most of the text is average-size and more suited for older audiences.

The main page is divided into three sections: "The Gallery," "Resources," and "Free Download." Every page has a link back to the home page. Some sections have more extensive navigation tools.

The Vincent van Gogh Information Gallery is a tribute to van Gogh, the artist and his work. The site has more than 1,900 pages and images relating to van Gogh. The main page provides access to the three main sections of the site. "The Gallery" offers an overview of the paintings, and an alphabetized list of them. Along with portraits of the artist, users can view sketches and watercolors. This section has a search engine so users can locate specific information. The "Resources" area has a biography and chronology of events in the artist's life. Users will find an FAQ, information on "The Fakes Controversy," and an online forum for discussion. Additional references and links are available. The "Free Download" section presents various file versions of a database of paintings and postage stamps. The author says the site is still evolving. This is a good site to bookmark and periodically review. It is a good resource for art lovers, teachers, and students.