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May, 1998
Updated JUNE, 2007

Ayden Elementary School Physical Education

Users will find physical education lesson plans and resources.

Most pages use their own color schemes and layouts and include some graphics. Some pages offer animation.

All sections of the site are available from the home page. The navigation menu at the bottom of each page enables users to move around the site.

This site was created by a physical education teacher at Ayden Elementary School, a rural North Carolina K-4 school. According to the site, one of the goals of the school is to be one of the best fitness schools in the state. Visitors to the site can find information on the school's fitness club, which allows students to participate in a spring fitness championship against the top fitness students from the other schools in the county. The site also includes information on the school's Mile Club (where students can run laps at the recess field whenever they have free time). Additional material includes information on individual, international, and womens' sports. Users will also find a section on the school's gymnastics program. Additional resources, "physed fun stuff," and information on technology and PE can also be found. Educators can find lesson plans. This is a good resource site to bookmark.