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S I T E     R E V I E W
MAY, 1997


On the Horizon

Resources and links to allow educators to keep pace with the advances in education in the rapidly changing world.

The layout for each page, including the home page, is very simple and uses minimal graphics. Each section of links is consistent with the others.

The table on the main page separates the sections and provides a description of what to find in each area. A link back to the home page can be found on each page.

The goal of this site is to keep educators on top of the quickly changing educational environment. It does so with print publications, seminars and workshops, an interactive mailing list, special projects and "The Educational Onramp" which has social, technological, economic, environmental and political resources for educators. Additionally, the Horizon site includes links to news, listservs, educational associations and "integrating technology into education" resources. There is a generous amount of information here but most of it is presented in a way that allows busy educators to find what they are looking for easily and to digest the information quickly.