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MAY, 1997


Environmental Education Network

EnviroLink, the main page for the Environmental Education Network, announces itself as "the largest online environmental information resource on the planet".

The site uses earth-tone colors and "hand-painted" symbols for its decorative purposes which are very appropriate for the subject matter.

The left hand menu bar contains links to the site's underwriters and sponsors but also has navigational buttons and a circle of stones with symbols representing the various sections of the website (somewhat difficult to remember the symbols, however). Each page has a text navigational menu at the bottom as well.

The parent website, EnviroLink, is a non-profit organization formed to provide a place for a comprehensive list of environmental resources available online. While the entire site has a lot of such information it does have its own agenda. However, one section in particular is specifically designed for educators and the education community -- the "Environmental Education Network". This portion of the site is divided into an area for students and another for teachers. The student section has age appropriate links on topics such as "Actions Students Can Take", "Earth and Planetary Science" and "Exploration and Travel" along with many other earth science type subjects. The teacher's area has links for lesson plans, projects and thematic units. Two other sections could also be used by educators: "EnviroNews" which features daily news updates on environmental news stories and which could be used for lesson plans; and, "What Soars, What Snores" which is the area where EnviroLink has the sites it has rated based on "the information, philosophy and the actions they present--along with their impact on the environment, environmental issues, and peoples' perceptions". This section could lead to additional resources for educators. This is a great site specifically for earth science and science teachers as well as touching into other areas such as history, current events, culture and the arts.