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MAY, 1997


BUBL Information Service

BUBL (BUlletin Board for Libraries) is an Internet-based information service for the UK higher education community but the information is universal and includes sites and information from around the world.

Small simple graphics are used, the site is well-balanced and the light colors make it easy to look at for extended periods of time.

This well-organized site allows users to locate the information in several ways: via a Search LINK or browsing by Dewey Class (DDC), by Subject or at Random. The sections and links are well-defined and easily located and the navigational bar is found on each page.

This service originated with the idea of providing librarians, educators and researchers in the United Kingdom with a means of organizing and locating resources on the Internet. This was done by creating BUBL and using a subject tree which is precisely the reason the site is so beneficial to educators and media personnel around the world. The layout of the site has proven to be very popular and has grown since its inception to include such a long list of subject resources that an additional organizational concept has been added. The new service, called LINK provides access to a fully catalogued database. Each of the added resources are given a catalogue record. Because of the options given to the user this site not only has A LOT of information, it provides it in a very well-managed, organized manner. Additionally, the site includes Journals, News, Mailing Lists, Archives and information on the United Kingdom. There are a lot of sites with lists of information on the internet but this one stands out because of its ease of use and cataloging system. This is an excellent resource for researchers, educators and students. Start here if you are looking for something specific.