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S I T E     R E V I E W
April, 1999

PRESCHOOL by Stormie

PRESCHOOL by Stormie is a Web site that early-childhood educators will cherish. The site includes a month-by-month curriculum guide, an activity section, a set of message boards, and lots more.

The site has a cute "kids & kitties" theme that includes lots of animated gifs and a variety of color schemes.

Each page has a comprehensive set of navigational links at the bottom.

The PRESCHOOL by Stormie site has been put together by veteran teacher Stormie Seevers, who has graciously taken the best of her many years of experience and put it on the Internet to share with all of us. The site holds a wealth of material and good advice for the Pre-K classroom. Ms. Seevers also encourages other teachers to contribute to her pages. It is good to see that teachers have responded by submitting some really great activities and resources to this already rich site. Teachers should be sure to check out the "Lounge," where they can read what other teachers have posted to the message board and perhaps leave something themselves! This is a high-quality site for those who work with our precious little ones. Check it out!