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April, 1998

ePALS Classroom Exchange

ePALS Classroom Exchange (ECE) allows students throughout the world to connect and exchange information with one another via email and online conferencing.

The site uses some animated graphics and banners. The colors are bright and the text is large. This is an easy site to read.

Most sections of the site can be accessed from the menu on the side bar. Other links are found on the home page.

ePALS Classroom Exchange permits students, classrooms and K-12 teachers to interact with their peers in other parts of the world. Users can collaborate on history, science, or geography projects. Students communicate via email, Internet voice communications, and the WWW. Photos, graphics, and multimedia clips can be shared without long distance phone or mail costs. While interacting with other students, users will also have hands-on experience with educational technology. Viewers can search the online database by school name, language spoken, grade level, city, state, or country to locate a specific classroom -- or they can add their own entry for free. The site would be a great enhancement for foreign language classes; students could practice writing another language. Educators could extend lessons and let students become pen pals as well. This is a great resource for interactive education.