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APRIL, 1997
Updated JUNE, 2007


The North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL)

NCREL's mission is to "strengthen and support schools and communities in systemic change so that all students achieve standards of educational excellence,"..."to help teachers teach better, students learn better, administrators provide better leadership, and policy makers make better policy."

Very simple design, no gimmicks or graphics. Pages of links lead to additional links.

The site is divided into three main sections, each with easy to follow links. Users can always find a link back to the home page and navigational links at the bottom of each page.

The North Central Regional Educational Laboratory wants to improve schools in America by conducting research and evaluations, providing training and technical assistance, offering seminars for education professionals and by developing print, audio, video, and multimedia products. The NCREL is one of ten Regional Educational Laboratories and while it provides research-based resources and assistance to educators in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin the information at this website could be used by teachers and administrators anywhere. The site has a research section on school improvement, an educational consortium committed to ensuring that students achieve exemplary levels of mathematical and scientific understanding in international comparisons, an area where teachers can network with researchers and sections on technology including a planning and implementation guide and a technical assistance area. The website also has "The Amazing Picture Machine" which allows users to locate graphics resources on the Internet. There are also links to other educational web sites. This is a great place to get ideas for improving your school or those in your community whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of a plan.