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S I T E     R E V I E W
March, 1999

Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers

Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers, provided by UK teacher Mark Warner, is brimming with tons of great ideas to use in primary/elementary classrooms!

The site has fun, light-hearted images on most of its pages. The layout is clear and easy to read.

The site is available in both a frames and non-frames version. The non-frames version has a navigational bar at the left with links back to the home page.

Mark Warner has done an excellent job of compiling a set of useful, fun, and informative activities that cover the entire UK curriculum. The materials are of a very high quality and have a timeless nature that makes them useful in most any classroom outside the UK too! Each activity is sorted by subject and by age range. Also included is an area called Time Fillers, which includes short interdisciplinary activities to use in those moments in between or at the end of a period. Be sure and check out Book Corner for lists of books for teachers and students. Teachers are encouraged to contribute favorite books and activities to the site. This site is well worth bookmarking!