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S I T E     R E V I E W
March, 1999

Jesup Exhibition

This anthropological exhibition commemorates the centennial of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition (1897 -1902). Included are approximately 1200 archival photographs depicting scenes from daily life; color images of the artifacts collected; biographies on the anthropologists; and field letters.

The site is very artistically presented. Elegant spacious backgrounds add to the striking quality of the graphics.

Users will enjoy the ease with which they are able to move through the remarkably large image collection. The correspondence collection is accessed through a search engine.

The Jesup Exhibit provides a rare and compelling visual record of the people of the North Pacific and their cultures. The exhibition is divided into two major areas. The first area, Drawing Shadows to Stone, contains the many photographic images that make this exhibition so exceptional. Here users can browse though the image collections, learn more about the cultures exhibited, and read about the anthropologists. In the second area, Exhibition Correspondence, users can read the actual field correspondence written by the expedition leaders and trace the routes of the expeditions. The field correspondence contains fascinating accounts of unique individuals doing fieldwork a hundred years ago in the harsh conditions of the North Pacific. The Jesup Exhibit is an excellent resource. Here's your chance to take your class on an adventure in social studies!