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S I T E     R E V I E W
March, 1999

Hidden Killers: Deadly Viruses

Most of us have had to cope with a flu virus at some time in our lives, but most of us have been sheltered from the more deadly forms that are out there. Here is a site where students can learn more about deadly viruses such AIDS, hepatitis, and yellow fever.

The deep red and black colors of the site give it an ominous feeling. Great graphics!

The site offers lots of navigational links on the top and left side of each page.

Hidden Killers: Deadly Viruses is another awesome winner from the Thinkquest competition. These students from Maryland and California have put together a powerful Web site that should spark some lively discussions in any classroom. Users learn the basics about viruses and how our bodies' immune systems combat them. Information is also available about specific viruses such as HIV, smallpox, and polio. The site goes on to explore the potential outcomes if some of these 'hidden killers' were ever used as bio-weapons. Teachers take note that students are encouraged to submit their own work for the site's weekly/bi-weekly feature article section. It is also good to be aware that some of this information, while important, may be disturbing for some students. The site tries to take this into consideration by offering a games section to lighten things up a little; the games challenge students to show what they've learned. Hats off to this Thinkquest team for a job well done!