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March, 1998

Pentatonic Music Collection
GRADE LEVEL: Professionals & Parents

The Pentatonic Music Collection Web site contains songs "in which the notes of the melody are confined to do, re, mi, sol, and la."

The homepage uses a yellow background, which can make text difficult to read. The backgrounds at other sections of the site vary in color and style. Some are more difficult to read than others are.

All sections of the site are listed on the homepage. The information is divided into a variety of song and composition types. Users can reach the homepage from any other section of the site.

According to some theorists in music education, music that contains only five tones -- do, re, mi, sol and la -- simplifies music, making it more understandable and easy to learn for novice students. This site was created to showcase pentatonic compositions and songs for teachers to use in their music lesson plans. The major categories on the site are songs, miniatures (brief songs), student compositions, instrumental compositions, copyrighted items, secular songs, seasonal and sacred songs, and miscellaneous items. The variety and amount of information here makes it a great site for music teachers and other educators as they plan music units.