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S I T E     R E V I E W
March, 1998

Kids' International Peace Museum

The Kids' International Peace Museum displays "world peace" themed artwork and poetry created by children from around the world.

The main pages of this site are simple tabled text listings, linking to various works of art submitted by schools around the globe. Small icons of artwork enhance these pages.

The structure of this site is straightforward; the site is safe and easy for children to navigate.

This Web site is the project of Indian Hill Primary, (Cincinnati, Ohio) and contains a vast collection of artwork and poetry by students from around the world. The site is divided into four "wings." The West Wing is dedicated to the work of Indian Hill Primary; the North Wing is dedicated to other U.S. schools; the International Wing is dedicated to the poetry and artwork of schools in foreign countries; and the East Wing is dedicated to Special Exhibits. This is a great site where you can let your students wander safely; there are no outside links to stray to. It is an inspiring site for several reasons: It encourages global participation of students, it combines art and social consciousness, and it instills pride in students whose work is published online. Also, it provides inspiration for teachers who might tackle an online project with their students --- and some ideas for how that might be done. It gets to the core concept of the Internet: The process of learning and creating provides the building blocks for others anywhere to learn and create, and thus the cyber pyramid grows!