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S I T E     R E V I E W
MARCH, 1997
Updated JUNE, 2007


Electronic Prodigy

Links to resources to help students with homework.

Dividers and color divides sections.

Each subject has its own page with columns of links. Navigational menu bar at the top of each page.

This site was started by a freshman in high school from Salt Lake City, Utah looking for a place on the web for help with homework. When he didn't find any he made one. He designed all of the images and HTML from scratch and maintains it himself. According to the most recent update the number of links has increased to over 500 and is now undergoing a restructuring. Current subject areas include Art (includes music), Astronomy, Biology/Sciences, Chemistry, Dictionaries (includes Thesaurus), Encyclopedias (includes quotations) , English, Geography, Library-Museum, Math, Philosophy-Religion, Physics, Reading, Search Engines and Weather. One of the most exciting areas of the website has just been added. By adding your name to a list users can browse through the listings to find someone to interview via email. This site is a great place to start working on any homework or research project you might have.