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S I T E     R E V I E W
MARCH, 1997


Deaf World Web

Links, resources, directories and information for hearing impaired.

Minimal graphics, simple coloring on one section, large spacing.

Site has a very useful user guide, FAQ (frequently asked questions) section and well-defined sections.

There is so much information here! The Deaf World Web describes itself as "a directory, a multi-lingual publication, a deaf-owned/deaf-run service, a central communication network among the deaf on the Internet, an archive and a global Deaf community on the Web". The website is divided into the following sections: Nations which contains news, a deaf email directory, organizations directory and resources for each country listed; Socio-Cultural Resources which offers references such as a glossary, Parents' Guide to Deaf Children, research guide on the internet and an online deaf encyclopedia which includes articles, written lectures, news clippings, pictures, literatures, guides, and more; News contains general information, news, and classifieds and Deaf CyberKids which provides pen pals, literatures and arts created by deaf children. The socio-cultural resources pages are written in Danish, German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Swedish. The online discussion forums are offered in German, English, Spanish, French and Swedish. The site also has a search engine to allow the user to find information more readily. Besides offering a chance for deaf people around the world to communicate this site lives up to its goal of being "the largest and leading multi-purpose deaf Website." Deaf and hard-of-hearing people, deaf professionals, hearing professionals in the fields of deafness, parents of deaf children, CODA or hearing children of deaf parents, researchers, late-deafened people and general others who are just curious or serve deaf people in public services can find what they are looking for here.