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S I T E     R E V I E W
February, 1998

My Hero


This interactive educational Web site depicts heroes from the media, history, and viewers.


The site mainly uses a black background with red and yellow text, making it somewhat difficult to read.


The home page lists each of the main sections of the site. The "hero stories" page divides the subjects into categories, which makes it easier to browse through. Each page uses the same graphic as a link back to the home page.


The "My Hero Project" is an interactive Web site that allows users to read hero stories and submit their own stories. Hero stories are categorized and cover such topics as animals, artists, business, family, science, and teachers. Users will find a larger listing of topics at the site. Many of the stories come from history. Famous heroes such as Martin Luther King Jr., and Mark Twain are featured. One of the exciting parts of the site is the ability users have to submit stories about their own heroes. Viewers suggest their heroes and then write short biographies about them. Those heroes can be famous or not (many children write about their parents). Step-by-step instructions are listed at the site. This would be a great place for teachers who want to create an interactive lesson. English, journalism, and creative writing classes could use the site too.