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S I T E     R E V I E W
February, 1998

Let's Go!: Around the World

The Let's Go!: Around the World Web site presents language-arts-based adventures focusing on different regions/cultures of the world.

The site uses a notebook graphic background with thumbnail photos for some links. Most of the material is presented on the notebook pages.

The home page lists currently available adventures. Each page lists links back to the main page or to other portions of the site.

This Web site is designed for K-8 students and their teachers and/or parents. Users will find photographs, stories, poetry, and student contributions from around the world. Viewers have access to music and video enhancements. The teacher pages connect the content of the site to different curriculum areas. The site has four sections that are rotated every two weeks. Users can follow the topics by reading the site schedule. Each journey includes adventures and activities along with its information. Teachers will find their own pages at the site that provide information for classroom discussions, activities, and research. This is another good example of interactive education on the Internet. Cultural studies, history, and geography educators could use this site to create interesting lesson plans.