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S I T E     R E V I E W
February, 1998

Hyper History Online

Information on the HyperHistory Web site spans 3000 years of world history and displays it with graphics, timelines, and maps.

The site uses frames, which makes some of the material difficult to read. Because the site includes a lot of information, much of the text is small.

The information at the site is categorized by date, by personality, by geographic location, and by event. Users can use links on the timelines to reach desired information. The site uses a color-coding system to separate information.

The information at the HyperHistory Web site spans 3000 years of world history. With so much information, categorization of the data is very important. Users have access to graphics, lifelines, timelines, and maps. The sections of the site divide the information into pieces for easier viewing. The "People" section covers important historical figures from 1000 BC to the present. The "History" section provides information on civilizations from 500 BC to present. The "Events" section covers 1830 to 1990. The "Maps" section displays seven "Periods of World History." Each of those areas is growing and more information is being added. While the overall format of the site takes a while to get used to, the amount of information here makes the effort worthwhile. This is a good resource for history and current events teachers and students.