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S I T E     R E V I E W


The Weather Channel


All about The Weather Channel and weather.


Mainly graphical menus, some images are small.


Main menu divides into major sections, each of these links has sublinks, very easy to follow graphics.


This is the homepage of The Weather Channel and it has all the information you would expect. The menu bar on the left side of each page lets users view the following areas: The Weather which includes forecasts and conditions for the United States (which can be done by choosing a state from their quick weather pick also) and internationally, satellite photos, radar images, "Yesterday's High Temps", Forecast Maps and more, Weather News, All About Us which gives background on the television show, Weather and You which has Business Travel, Skier's Forecast and U.S. Aviation information, Storms such as 1996 Names of Hurricanes, The Hurricane, Tracker, Storm Watcher and 1995 Hurricane Season and Hows & Whys which includes Teachers' Resources -- the actual classroom site is under the section Wonders and includes information on The Weather Classroom textbook, Project Weather Outlook - a newsletter full of the latest educational news from The Weather Channel, educational editions of videos, CD-ROMs, and other products, organizations and individuals offering help and weather-related information as well as video documentaries, On-Air Program Schedule for The Weather Classroom and a Weather Glossary. Take your time at this site, there is a lot more information than appears at first and the weather maps are sensational.