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Australia Antarctic Division

Information on Australia's Antarctic Program.

Lots of wide text, somewhat difficult to read for a long time.

Pages of links to pages of links, easy to follow.

Australia currently has four permanent stations in Antarctica and conducts research at field camps as well. Around 100 Australians live in Antarctica for 1 year and about 400 visit for shorter-term programs during the summer. The Australian Antarctic Division of the Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories "seeks to enhance Australia's scientific, environmental, political, strategic and economic interests in Antarctic and subantarctic regions, and to preserve its sovereignty over the Australian Antarctic Territory" by "conducting Antarctic research, administering and maintaining a presence in the Australian Antarctic Territory and being involved in international Antarctic forums". The Division's science programs include Atmospheric Sciences, Biological Sciences, Geosciences, Glaciology, Human Impacts, Oceanography, Human Biology and Medicine, Cosmic Ray Research and Astronomy. The site includes scientific highlights from the programs as well as current weather conditions from camps, live photos, ship tracking and a clickable map of Antarctica. Additionally there is information on "Living in Antarctica", "Antarctic Medicine", "Special Events", "Antarctic Tourist Flights Re-introduced" and "Employment Opportunities". General information includes "The highest, coldest, driest, windiest place", "Research stations" and "Aurora Australis". There are also some nice photos of the continent and wildlife there. There is a wealth of information here, sometimes it is difficult to find but well worth the effort.