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January, 1999

Non-Traditional Gymnastics

This is one jumpin' site about all non-traditional forms of gymnastics including creative, educational, developmental, and movement-based gymnastics. You'll find lesson plans, activities, assessments a message board, and more!

The site is easy to read and features colorful gymnastics graphics that make you want to hop, skip, and jump!

Navigational bars can be found at the bottom of the pages with links to the main sections of the site. Some of the links take you to outside resources, so be prepared to use your browser's back button.

PE teachers, bookmark this site! Non-Traditional Gymnastics is full of great stuff to use with your classes. The Lessons, Activities, and Assessments section is the place to go to find a rich resource on gymnastics education. Teachers that wish to share their own lesson plans can use the submission form on this page. The distinctions between traditional gymnastics and the various forms of non-traditional gymnastics are explored on the site and in the message board. Teachers that are not familiar with non-traditional methods should definitely check this site out for some great stuff on a developmentally sound curriculum for the wide range of ability levels we find in every class.