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S I T E     R E V I E W
January, 1998

Aphorisms Galore!

This site is a database for aphorisms -- short sayings that express a humorous and/or philosophical idea.

The background is yellow and most text is black with red hyperlinks. The site uses some graphic icons but is mainly text-based.

Each page of the site has the same menu on the left side, which allows users to navigate anywhere in the entire site. The menu uses icons to mark each section. Each page uses those icons to designate the current area.

Not sure what an aphorism is? Aphorisms are short sayings, similar to proverbs. Almost 2,000 examples at the site are divided into categories such as altruism and cynicism; science and religion; success and failure; and law and politics, among others. Most people use aphorisms for speeches and signatures. Educators could use this site to spark debate and discussion. Because of the categorization, teachers should be able to find an interesting saying or two. Of course, any users needing to punch up a speech or letter could also find the site useful.