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Kids Help Phone Line and Bell Online

Information on current topics specific to adolescents and teens.

Very cool graphics, setup looks like brick wall with graffiti.

Well-defined topic areas and easy-to-find links. The specific topic is encircled in yellow once is has been chosen so you always know where you are.

Kids Help Phone is a Canadian toll-free, telephone counseling service for children and youth 4 through 19 years of age. (Adults 20 and over are given information to find the counselling services they need. Other adults, including parents and teachers can call for information and referral services also. The website has information on the services offered by Kids Help Phone but it has much more. The left side of the web page has links to pages of information on relevant subjects including AIDS, drug abuse, eating disorders and relationships. Each topic gives basic and sometimes specific information on many aspects of a subject but also outlines what areas of a topic might need discussion. Each initial page of a subject has the phone number to call to speak with a counselor and the brick wall with graphic links to FAQ's, peer resources and discussion groups is always visible and available. The discussion group is an area dedicated to the anonymous exchange of ideas about the listed topics from peers or other concerned parties. The site is a wealth of information, very sympathetically designed and easy to use. A valuable asset.