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American Association of School Administrators

Information pertaining to and for school administrators.

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The American Association of School Administrators is the professional organization for educational leaders around the world. The organization works toward "improving the condition of children and youth, preparing schools and school systems for the 21st century, connecting schools and communities and enhancing the quality and effectiveness of school leaders." The website has all the information members of the organization would need and a lot of information for nonmembers. Topics covered include updates from AASA ("Latest Word"), "Front Burner Issues", "Membership", "Conferences/Free Workshops", "Legislative Alerts", "Job Bulletin", "AASA Publications, ...Programs" and addresses. The site also includes a searchable database which allows the user to search the AASA web pages. AASA programs include AASA National Superintendent of the Year Program, Distinguished Service Award and Educational Administration Scholarships. The job bulletin lists current job positions for administrators. This site is a great place for administrators to gather and compare notes with their peers, keep an eye out for new job openings and to be well-informed.