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October 2001

An Introduction to Microscopy

An Introduction to Microscopy provides information on buying and using a microscope as well as the subjects that you can study with it.
The pages are neat with lots of white space and nice graphics.
The site is divided into six major sections that are accessed from the main page. All pages have a link back to the home page.
An Introduction to Microscopy not only gives information on buying and using a microscope but also covers its history and links to Micscape magazine and its archives. The Marine Life section explores the Virtual Ocean. It gives a microscopic view of the larva, crustaceans, algae, and other organisms that live there. Insects and Other Arthropods offers an explanation of how to study these creatures with a microscope and links to information on insects and arthropods from lice to wasps. The Botany section provides high-quality photographs of flowers under a microscope. Some of the most common microscopic organisms that live in fresh water, such as bacteria, ciliates, and flagellated protozoa, are discussed in Pond Life. Included in this section also is the Pond Identification Kit. Introduction to Microscopy is a good site to use for students to practice note-taking and report-writing skills.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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