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August 2001

A Game a Day

This interactive, fun site provides thousands of games to keep children, or the child in all of us, entertained for hours.
The site is laid out in a simple table or calendar with a game displayed for each day of the month.
The site is easy to navigate. Visitors can access each game through a text link in the calendar, and the game pages have a link back to the home page. A top menu bar allows navigating between the areas of the site.
This site provides a game for every day of the month with new ones being added constantly. A wide variety of puzzles stimulates thinking skills and work very well with various curriculum areas. For instance, the games Geo and Inquiring Cartographer would give your students some practice in geography, or use Rhyme Time as part of your language arts lesson. The Just for Kids section contains games for kids ages 9-12, and the Calendar link leads to the games for ages 13 and older.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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