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July 2001

GRADE LEVEL: K-12, Teachers

This site is the online version of Technology & Learning magazine. The site contains considerably more than the print version does, including readers' reports of Web tours and weekly news updates.
Although the site is well organized, it isn't beautiful. The home page is cluttered with directories and links to feaures, but that doesn't impede navigation.
The site offers plenty of information, links, and resources. Visitors choose among the various sections from the magazine or the Web site. Each page contains a header with links to other pages.
Techlearning.com is an excellent resource for people working to integrate technology and education. Educators' Outlook includes content for teachers, librarians, and media coordinators who want to use the Web in the classroom. Searchable information includes a database of reader-recommended sites. Directory of Funding opportunities lists grants available for teachers. Users will also find Web sites for particular subject areas, technology contests for teachers and students, and Ultimate Hotlists for educators and students.